Sean's motto: "Do what you love and love what you do!"

This is how Sean operates. Paper crafting is intended to be fun and create great friendships. When it becomes a "job" or "work", the fun is taken out of it and it is time to do something different. Sean wants to ignite the passion and keep it alive so by creating this site and not being committed to one particular company, he is open to many possibilities that creates a world of fun!

Sean participates in a variety of affiliate programs which means that he receives a commission when products are purchased through links here on this site. This does not cost you anything. It simply provides Sean with resources to continue to purchase supplies and make videos to provide you with resources that you need to enhance your skill and ability. Sean does purchase a majority of his supplies, but at times, he will receive product from companies that he works with to demonstrate their product or to provide a review based on his own point of view. Product reviews are not a paid endorsement. Promotions for companies are done on a basis of those that I have tried and that are my own personal preference. Companies may send me new stamp releases to show on my talk show, but this is not payment to endorse these stamps or products. Sean will sometimes use this product as a giveaway.

Sean does receive compensation from teaching, consulting and doing guest posts or design team spots. These are the ways that Sean is compensated in order to fund the projects for this site and the videos and talk shows that he does.

Thank you for your support!