Sean Fetterman has been a paper crafter since 2010. Sean's journey began by accident after the death of his mother and brother. In need of a creative outlet, his neighbor invited him to a cardmaking class. Sean declined the invitation, but his friend would not take "no" for an answer. Needless to say, after attending his first class, Sean was hooked and has been extremely active in the paper crafting community. 

Over the past seven years, Sean has jumped in with both feet learning and growing in the art of paper crafting. He has been on design teams for stamping companies, has taught cardmaking classes and seminars, is a blogger, produces YouTube videos, has been published in cardmaking magazines as well was being a contributor and social media coordinator for CardMaker Magazine. Sean is now the host of his own show "Sean Fetterman Paper, Stamp & Ink Chat", which is a multi-platform social media entertainment venue all about paper crafting.

Sean has a passion for making people happy and welcome. This is why he has launched his own brand of social media teaching for multiple companies and products. He finds joy in showing the versatility of many different products and the awesome power of collaboration between fellow crafters. Sean draws inspiration from some very special people in the crafting world that have taught him throughout the years including Gina K, Jennifer McGuire, Lydia Fiedler and Kristina Werner. He considers them mentors and role models of how business owners and fellow designers should collaborate and treat one another. 

Sean invites you to continue on the journey with him to learn, stretch and grow together. This site is dedicated to providing resources, tips, tools, tutorials and suggestions for shopping! So please look around and have fun!